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Clinical Health Psychology


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The close association between physical and mental well-being means each affects the other, a connection that health psychologists use to improve your health. SIPMD, based in Surprise, Arizona, has a network of specialist physicians delivering clinical health psychology services to residents in assisted living, independent living, group homes, senior retirement, and memory care communities. You can benefit from their skills and experience without leaving your home, either by using SIPMD’s secure telehealth option or by arranging a home visit. To find out more, call or use the online booking form today.

Clinical Healthcare Q&A

What is clinical health psychology?

Clinical health psychology promotes better health and well-being. A clinical health psychologist helps prevent illness and disability, as well as treat and manage existing health problems.

The field of psychology is concerned with mental health and the diagnosis and treatment of emotional disorders. Clinical health psychology is different because although it considers mental health factors, its focus is on the links between mental health and physical well-being.

How does clinical health psychology help with physical disorders?

The clinical health psychologists from SIPMD understand how various aspects of your psychological makeup influence health behaviors. These aspects include:

  • Learning
  • Memory
  • Perception
  • Cognition
  • Motivation

All of these impact physical illnesses, injuries, and disabilities that can increase your risk of health problems, delay healing, and affect your quality of life.

What conditions can clinical health psychology help treat?

There are many ways that patients can benefit from clinical health psychology. It’s useful for any health problems with physical and psychological effects, but particularly common issues include:

Weight management

Obesity is the root cause of more serious health problems than anything else, from heart disease and Type 2 diabetes to liver disease and certain cancers. However, weight loss can prove challenging, especially for older people with limited mobility.

It’s not only excess weight that can be a problem, though. People often lose their appetite as they age and don’t eat as well as they should, so they lose too much weight and develop dietary deficiencies. 

Conditions like dementia can even cause feelings of hunger and thirst to disappear.

Substance abuse

Smoking, drinking to excess, and relying on other substances like prescription medications to get through the day can cause further deterioration in health, especially as you get older.

Pain management

Many people develop chronic pain as they age. For many conditions, such as arthritis, there aren’t any treatments that resolve the problem completely. Clinical health psychology helps patients understand their pain and learn coping strategies that enhance their other therapies.

Coping with serious and chronic diseases

Learning you have a life-changing or potentially life-threatening medical condition can have devastating effects on your emotional well-being. 

Unfortunately, problems like depression and anxiety tend to make physical symptoms worse and harder to live with. A clinical health psychologist can help you come to terms with your situation.

The clinical health psychology experts from SIPMD also review aspects of your care, such as the suitability and effectiveness of your current therapies and how well you follow your treatment program.

To benefit from a clinical health psychology assessment, call SIPMD or use the online booking form today to schedule a telehealth consultation or a home visit.